Fritz Floirendo and Nicole Sex Photos Scandal

Fritz Floirendo, Manila City Hall employee and former SK Chairman and SK President of District IV in Manila, was arrested after his ex-girlfriend filed charges against him for uploading their sex photos on Facebook.

Fritz Floirendo

Nicole (not her true name) said her ex-boyfriend started to threaten him about the photo after a fight with her friend.

Nicole said she didn’t know how to explain to her parents the scandal after his ex-boyfriend uploaded their photo while having sex on Facebook, that’s why she decided to file case against him.

Police have arrested the suspect, but he denied he was the one who uploaded the photo on Facebook. He also claimed that Nicole has an access to his account.

Police reportedly have recovered the suspect’s cellphone which contains the sex photos, but the sex video which Nicole asked to delete was not in there.




  1. I think this guy, Fritz Floirendo, if he ever was the one who escalated this sex scandal by uploading it on Facebook, should be facing charges in violation of Republic Act 9995. This guy is immature.

  2. That’s right! I think hell be the first one to be convicted


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