October 2012 Civil Service Exam Results

The results of the Civil Service Examination (Career Service Exam Paper and Pencil Test or CSE-PPT), which include lists of passers and top 10 examinees, held on October 21, 2012 are published here from the official announcement of the Civil Service Commission (CSC).

October 2012 Career Service Exam Results The lists of passers of the Career Service Professional Eligibility and Career Service Sub-Professional Eligibility tests can be viewed here by region.

In the May 2012 career service examination, a total of 14,063 or 11.45 percent out of 122,824 examinees passed the Career Service Examinations administered nationwide by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) last May 27. Of the said figure, 11,984 passed the Professional level while 2,079 passed the Sub-Professional level, the Civil Service Commission said.

In terms of employment, there were 3,215 passers who came from the private sector and 2,275 from the government. Those self-employed and those working in non-government organizations numbered 489 and 109, respectively. Majority of passers, numbering 7,845, were unemployed, the Commission added.

Bulk of the passers, counting 9,911, fall under the age bracket of 18-24 years old. Also, 8,352 were female, 5,690 were male, and 21 had invalid data on their sex.

View the list of October 2012 Civil Service (CS) Exam passers by region:

Region 1 | Region 2 | Region 3 | Region 4 | Region 5 | Region 6 | Region 7 | Region 8 | Region 9 | Region 10 | Region 11 | Region 12 | NCR | CAR | CARAGA | ARMM | Top 10 Passers



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